Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I requested prayer for healing tonight.  Not in the traditional raise your hand in Sunday school type of way. Not in the typical Pentecostal come-on-down to the altar way.  I requested via text.

We had to leave before the young adult gathering ended (because the nursery was closing and our kids were tired), but driving home I felt that we needed to ask for our small group to pray for Bugaboo. I argued with myself for a couple of minutes. But then I texted before I could talk myself out of it.

This may have been the most awkward prayer requesting I have ever done. Texting it?  But the pastor tonight spoke on being willing to look like a fool for God, so here I am – looking perhaps like a fool for God and for my son.

I have a million thoughts going through my mind.

  • There are lots of people with bigger healing needs than Bugaboo. I’m being selfish to even think of requesting it.
  • Bugaboo just needs more time. He’s in physical therapy.  It will all happen when it is supposed to.
  • He has a consult about his cyst on his eye in March.  No big deal.
  • What have I done for God that He would want to heal my son of his developmental delays, muscle tone issues, and cyst?
  • I am going to look really stupid.
  • What if God doesn’t heal him?  What if I am being too bold?

And these thoughts are STILL going through my head right now. Even though I’ve been praying.  Even though I have asked for prayer.  I honestly feel like I could throw up just thinking about hitting the "publish" button.

I wonder if those four guys who put the paralyzed friend through a roof had similar thoughts.

  • We’re going to take him to Jesus HOW? Through a roof?
  • What if Jesus doesn’t like the interruption?
  • What if Jesus doesn’t heal him?  We are going to look really stupid.

But God tells us to approach His throne of grace with confidence.

So I am approaching the loving Father, and asking Him to work in Bugaboo’s body for His glory – whatever that looks like.

I’m praying that my thirteen month old will start scooting and crawling and pulling up.
I am praying for his low muscle tone to be strengthened.
I am praying for any sensory issues to be resolved.
I am praying for babbling and sounds and words and communication to increase.
I am praying for grasping and reaching and moving and other motor skills to improve.

I am praying that my youngest would be touched by the healing hand of God – even tonight.

And maybe I look stupid and foolish and naive and gutsy.  And maybe I will have to tell the negative, questioning, confused voice in my head to shut-up on a regular basis.  But maybe God has something big up His sleeve for this situation.  I will trust Him. 

I will trust Him.


  1. My son didn't pull up until after 13 months. It was so hard. He's doing well now...he still falls down a lot and I'm not sure he totally understands things, but he has done things I never expected him to because I felt hopeless after a while, it was taking forever.
    I'll be praying for you...and him.
    In my journey I've learned more about my own need for healing, bodies are less important than souls, but...
    I'm sorry. You may not feel better but I pray for you to have peace. I know you trust Him. I know that God answers prayer, and I know someone is getting healed tonight, one way or another. Maybe not in the way you expect, but God doesn't leave things broken. Ever. One day, we will ALL be healed. Completely, perfectly.

  2. it is so hard to TRUST him, amanda, even when the hurts are invisible or simply feared. but it is recklessly, dangerously powerful to trust his goodness.

  3. And I am praying too... As We lifted him up tonight, I kept being reminded of the purposes God has for his life ;-) they are still unfolding, but I truly believe that God is shaking him for His glory ;-) love you!! Can't wait for these prayers to bear fruit!

  4. It's never foolish to put your trust and hope in God. I pray for a regenerative healing power to flow through his little body. Please keep us informed.

  5. oh friend, never hesitate to ask for prayer. i am praying right now. love you...

  6. Another great how vulnerable your writing is! Dave and I are always hesitant to ask for prayer in our church because, unfortunately, our "prayer chain" seems to be more of a gossip chain. And I, like you, tend to talk myself out of the severity of my request...there has got to be someone with bigger problems than me! Then I heard a speaker one time who was talking about the difference between American believers and believers around the world (China, Africa, etc.) who are persecuted and often worship in hiding...she said Americans are committed to the church, but persecuted Christians around the world are surrendered to God! Wow. It isn't about the is about the heart of the one making the request...completely surrendered knowing that God is all-powerful!


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