Friday, January 27, 2012

five minute friday - tender

Write for five minutes on the word "tender."  The rules are here.


I hold him in my arms to nurse.  The middle of the day times are not quiet, but in the morning and at night the world is usually blocked out.  My youngest reaches out his hands to my face sometimes and smiles, a baby "thank you," and my heart feels so happy it could burst.

These moments are almost over for my babe and me.  This week we are ending these moments.  I feel sadness more than relief.

What will replace these tender moments? Our "conversations" in the morning before the day really gets started, him falling asleep on my shoulder at night.

Yes, I know they will continue, just in a slightly different way.  Soon he will join big brother drinking independently from a sippy cup, and I will witness other tender moments, moments that include others rather than just me.

This is life - the balance of hanging on to some things and letting go of others - allowing for growth and change and possibility.

But for now I will hold on to my baby just a moment longer.



  1. And yet, those tender moments will never be forgotten, because you just captured it in a lovely way! Savoring this precious time that you have had will make those tender moments in the future even more special! Thanks for sharing.

  2. So great you are living into the moments, seeing them right before you. They pass by so quickly and you won't have any regrets remembering this way. Nice to meet you through FMF!

  3. Oh what a tender moment to relish in. And to be able to remember in years to come as those cuddle moments get fewer. But I love the reminder that tenderness doesn't end just changes

  4. May the weaning go well and those remaining nurses remain imprinted on your memory. I have been missing those tender moments this week even though my nursling has been weaned for six months now. I treasure his "grown-up"-ness, and remember fondly those quiet snuggles. :)

  5. Loved this...Eli already seems to be a better nurser than Sammy was, and I have already thought about how much I will miss it. (Isn't funny how our minds lead us away from the here and now so we miss the great moments while living in the distant future--or maybe that is just me?!...I think I need to write about this...haha) I loved the line "moments that include others rather than just me." I don't think anyone can understand that like a mom. Eli's umbilical cord fell off today, and I cried a little. It was symbolic that he doesn't need me as much anymore. He is only a week old, and it is already going too quickly. A part of me dies and a part of me swells with pride when I realize how independent Sammy is. It is that constant letting go as a parent that is so painful yet so much a part of the joy of the journey.


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