Thursday, December 1, 2011

amidst the mess

Life is messy.

Toys. Crumbs. Lost baby socks in every random location possible.  Halloween costumes I still haven't packed away (though I am not alone on this one, apparently).  And that is just the house/mom/material type of stuff.

Things are messy here lately.  Frustrations with one thing breaking after another, all out of our control.  We get through one hurdle only to have another one placed in our path.  It seems we get over, under, or through them anyway that we can.  We survive, but with some scrapes, bruises, and bloodied up knees in the process.
Life is so messy for me lately. Questions, concerns, worries, new lessons, old lessons revisited, new friendships and connections, fears, getting out of my comfort zone ...the list of good and bad and everything in between becomes tangled.
Even in the midst of a mess, God's fingerprint is still imprinting His hope and redemption throughout it. (Heather Zempel)
And I sense this, I know this, I lean on this fact - that He is with us in the mess.  He is not afraid of the mess.  Immanuel, God with us, born in a messy stable, friends with stinky fishermen, healer of lepers and women with blood issues - He is not afraid of the mess.  

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  1. "he is not afraid of the mess." this gives me SUCH hope friend. thank you.


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