Monday, November 21, 2011

what are the MacBoys up to? (and 11 month pictures)

After my slightly annoyed post from earlier today, here is something for the fam. I think it has been awhile since I've updated about the boys:

  • climbing on EVERYTHING - he has no fear
  • developing a love for Dr. Seuss - a big fan of Hop on Pop and Green Eggs and Ham (which he just calls Sam, I Am)
  • talking in sentences, answering questions, soaking things up like a sponge
  • favorite phrases these days: "maybe later. maybe tomorrow." "Daddy up swing." (He wants The Hubs to swing him upside down) "I did not take a nap." "go to the rug." (He says that if he knows he did something wrong and has to go to time out - the intonation is quite comical), "Go get ice cream?"
  • singing
  • remembering his friends' names
  • retelling -retelling stories, events, memories
  • sometimes telling us when he has to go potty - much of the time it is in the middle of the night...grrr
  • he calls out letters when he sees them on signs/storefronts/etc.
  • he loves to draw with crayons, markers and colored pencils

Here are two (very late to be posted, but took them a few days ago) eleven month pictures of Bugaboo

  • doing much better with sitting up for long periods of time - only falls if tired/excited
  • is reaching for things and more often being successful at grabbing/grasping if the object is large enough
  • starting to tolerate table food a little bit - just soft things like pancakes, fruits and veggies
  • one tooth is in , another is partway in, and I think I feel a third - all on bottom
  • loves books with pictures of real babies, loves being read to
  • grabbing his feet and learning how to successfully remove his socks - this delights him to no end
  • laughing more and more

 Thirty seconds of Bugaboo laughing - guaranteed to make you smile.

Bubby singing.

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