Wednesday, November 9, 2011

blogging, writing, and Doogie's diary

Remember Doogie Howser?

I was only allowed to watch it for a certain amount of time before my parents put the kabosh on it because Doogie was going to have sex or something with his girlfriend.  I think I was about nine when the show was on, so they probably made a wise parental move there. They didn't stop me from putting his picture from TeenBeat magazine on my wall, though.

Doogie came to mind because I remember how he would always write on his computer journal or what not at the end of each episode, and how I would think how cool it would be to someday keep a diary on the computer.

And now here I am, a grown woman, keeping a diary of sorts on the computer.  A diary that anybody could read.  Only it's called a blog.

I'm in small group training with the young adult community/ministry at our church. Tonight as we were all getting to know each other better it came up that I blog.  
"A mommy blog?"  
"Yes, well sort of." (I do wear the title mommy/mommy-blogger with pride.)

And then it came out that I would like to write a book.
"What kind of book?"

And I stammered out some answer of one of the many books I would like to write, all the while thinking I can't believe I just shared with these people that I want to write a book.  It is one thing to put the idea out there on this blog from the safety of my couch, but to say it aloud to these people I am just getting to know?

But they smiled and were kind, and I think at that moment I may have fallen in love with the Wednesday night small-group-training-group.

Because in that moment I was not "just" a stay-at-home-mommy-who-also-does-childcare-to-help-make-ends meet. I became someone with potential again, and it felt good.


  1. That's great! Keep us posted (no pun intended haha)

  2. Aww... this makes me smile! We adore 20Twenty. Miss that place and those people so much.


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