Tuesday, October 18, 2011

We spent a long weekend at home for my (step)sister's wedding.  She was beautiful.  The ringbearer was pretty cute, too, if I do say so.  He continues to say, "Walk the aisle. Sammie's wedding!" even though we are back home now.

Bugaboo hangin' with the bride and the ladies Saturday morning

the flowergirl and Bubby

my sister and new brother-in-law

my other sister and me

Bubby with Uncle Chow
dancing briefly with The Hubs

most of my cousins, their spouses, and kids on my dad's side made it to the wedding

The boys were fabulous on the sevenish hour drive up.  They were miserable on the drive home.
But we are home now.  Trying to get back on a routine.  We crave routine (though not necessarily schedule) around here.  Bugaboo is napping like a champ, Bubby is watching about the only tv he is really into... Sid the Science Kid, and I need to finish the unpacking I started last night.

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