Tuesday, October 4, 2011

an update of sorts

The last few days have been interesting.  Meetings and appointments and evaluations for Bugaboo.  Less clients last week for The Hubs. Steady hours of work for me. Tree roots stretching deep into our yard and blocking and busting pipes.  And then yesterday the news that our water heater may need replacing sooner than later.  A little bit overwhelming, but overall, I managed to not have any emotional breakdowns.  Tears, but no breakdowns, even though a small part of me wanted to have one.
But I haven't been much in the blogging spirit, and I'm still not quite there, but here is a little update on what is going on with the MacFamily.
  • Bugaboo's neurologist appt - we were told to proceed with the therapies that he will soon be getting through FirstSteps.  He is behind, but wait and see if he will catch up with more time and more work.  Follow-up appointment in six months.
  • We have Bugaboo's initial IEP meeting this coming Thursday.  
  • The four of us went to the NICU reunion on Sunday.  It gave me anxiety walking back into the hospital - flashbacks of early labor and not taking my babies home with me right away, the phone outside the NICU door to call to be let in, the smells that only hospitals have.  But as we were hugged by some of our favorite nurses, it also reminded me how blessed we are to have had both of our boys given such wonderful care.  And it made me sad that my body doesn't have full-term babies, so my baby-having-days-the-"traditional"-way are over, unless God intervenes.
not happy to have pictures taken in their "brother" shirts

  • I am feeling a nudge to keep getting out of my comfort zone.  
  • Bubby says/repeats the most hilarious things. When he and The Hubs rough house, The Hubs says, "I'm gonna gobble your face off!" and now Bubby is saying that to him.  He was obsessed with the "yellow truck" (backhoe) that came for our plumbing issues yesterday.  He went to the window several times today saying, "See you tomorrow yellow truck!"(Bubby is doing better with using sentences more often, though he still prefers to say, "Yeah," to most questions.
  • There is always more, but the boys are up from their naps...

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  1. I think I read there is a tax rebate for certain kinds of hot water heaters thru the end of November??....good luck! And nice to hear the other happy updates. Sounds like you are on the right track, as always.


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