Tuesday, October 25, 2011

ten month picture and some others

Bubby was up at 1:00 this morning - coughing and with a request for a drink.
Both boys were up shortly after 6:00, and at the end of his meal, Bugaboo spit up ALL over me, the bed, himself.  It was quite a way to start the day.
We all spent a lot of time snuggling today, reading books, playing legos, watching an unheard of amount of the one Leap Frog dvd we have.  I let go of my "minimal t.v." for my boys desire today.
There are stories to share from the last few days, but I just want to be in bed before ten tonight, which means the flannel sheets have to get on the bed before I can get there.
So instead of more words here, a very delayed ten month picture of Bugaboo and a couple of other shots of my sweet baby boy.

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  1. Love his hair, I always rub my grandlittle's heads, they're precious.


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