Tuesday, October 11, 2011

a smidge of politics ... but not really

I really want to be BFF's with Liz Lemon.  I know she is a fictional character, but I do think I would be a better friend for her than Jenna Maroney.

Perhaps that is shocking to my readers.  Liz Lemon is liberal. And I am libertarianish. (At least I think I am: fiscally conservative, socially moderate).
But most people I wish I could go have a cup of coffee with (whether I know them in real life, read their blogs or whatever) tend to be much different than me. 

And we really do have more in common than how it may seem on paper.


  1. I'm sure you would have much to offer over a cup of coffee with her!

  2. Amanda, some days I stay in my pajamas all day.
    We need to be who we are and NOT who/what other want or think we need to be.


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