Wednesday, October 19, 2011

pressing on

Another door shut for us this week.
A door we were 99% sure would be open. On paper there was no way it wouldn't be open. Yet, it isn't.  So we press on towards another door or doors, and keep working as we wait.

But honestly I don't want to press on because I just feel stuck in so many areas right now. I am having a hard time with it today. Harder than I had on Monday or Tuesday when we received the news.   

Instead of pressing on, I just want to sit and cry awhile and eat ice cream.  And maybe sit at a lake house with just my guys and me and just be the four of us for a few days. (I have never been to a lake house, but it sounds like something I would like.)  Perseverence seems highly overrated today, and sitting and whining about the unfairness of life seems easier.

Unfortunately the whining doesn't solve anything. It just makes me and everyone around me miserable. I know because I spent about ninety minutes in this state earlier this evening.

So we will persevere because that is what we do around here, The Hubs much better than I.
On the plus side, I did get some ice cream tonight. And it helped a little.


  1. this is hard...i have had many doors shut that i did not see coming...glad you got that ice cream but also that you are facing it together...

  2. I love that ice cream can always help. It is the simple pleasures that remind us of the good things we have and reasons to be thankful. Sorry for your disappointment, it sounds like it hit you hard.

  3. Sorry you're going through a rough time. I know what it feels like to be burned out and the thought of pressing on seems overwhelming. Tomorrow is a new day and God has His plan for you!

  4. oh, i'm so sorry friend. i'm glad you got ice cream. and i love that photo of you. may you know hope...


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