Sunday, October 9, 2011

my little pumpkins (MM 844-857)

Sunday night I am always sad to see my weekend conclude.  Especially delightfully sunny and relaxing weekends like this one.  This was the  type of weekend where the towels are washed and dried but still sit in a pile unfolded because reading and napping and playing and resting were needed, and towels don't really get wrinkled anyway.

And I could get the Sunday night blues style overwhelmed at the prospect of all I have still to do in the week ahead. Or I could feel guilty that it has been two weeks since I've written down my gratitude and question whether or not I should list things that are "old news." I could get stuck trying to  remember if I ate a single vegetable in the last forty-eight hours, and wonder why I am even thinking about such a fact right now.

So instead my list of hodge-podge good things, mostly recent, but a few I didn't write down on previous Sunday evenings.

toddler independence tromping around a pumpkin patch ~ little hands trying to pick up the biggest one ~ more and more thoughts and promptings about mentorship leading to good questions in my spirit ~ baby boy babbling and chattering on car rides ~ same baby boy wanting to say, "Mama!" as his first word... I know that is what is trying to get out... c'mon buddy! ~ reading in bed like Mr. and Mrs. Brady ~ two year old sentences, and the wonder of how he learns so much each day just by watching and listening. oh the gift and weight of that responsibility ~ chubby hands on my face, nose, hair, finally grasping more this week ~ NICU reunion ~pumpkin spice latte on the way to a hair cut ~ protection from car accident ~ plumbing issue not going into the street, saving us $1,000 on our bill ~ reminder to trust the Sender ~ the way we sit, all four of us on one couch at the end of most days



  1. Hi neighbor...your kids are just adorable...and they make me long for the days of the pumpkin patch...enjoy the moments...

  2. Sweet pictures and wonderful thanksgivings.

  3. How is it that the little guys always want the biggest pumpkin? So precious. enjoyed your list- blessings from Uganda

  4. What a busy weekend! The fact the towels made the bed is wonderful. I left some in the dryer.

    The pumpkin patch pictures are so cute.

  5. hi Amanda,

    here from Ann's.

    the pictures are just adorable--very sweet list. you are a wonderful mom--your love for them is so evident.



  6. man! I just love that fluffy hair! So cute to see it (and pet it) in person last weekend.


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