Thursday, October 6, 2011

daddy-son rhythm

In the backyard he chucks walnuts over the fence into the (vacant) neighbor's backyard.  The nuts are from their tree, so he doesn't feel bad about ridding our yard of the massive amounts of greenish balls that land in our yard each autumn.

My two year old follows his daddy around the yard, tossing the spheres a few inches in the air with enthusiasm.  When his efforts don't make it over the fence, with an enormous grin he gives it to bigger, more capable hands . And they walk around the perimeter, holding sticks and kicking leaves, in a daddy-son rhythm that makes me hold my breath and wish to keep them both like this forever.


  1. How sweet! It's crazy how quickly they learn the Pete and Repeat thing! :)

  2. Nothing like a Daddy and his boy!

    Thanks for sharing your heart with me tonight. Hang in there. He has his reasons! I once read a saying, "God never wastes pain." Loved it.

  3. You have painted a wonderful picture! My children are nearly grown - I miss those days sometimes! Enjoy each moment just as you goes fast!

  4. oh this is beautiful, this moment, this mama catching it all. bless you friend. love you. xo


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