Tuesday, October 18, 2011

another goodbye

My dad resigned from his position as fire chief tonight.  I knew it was coming before the city council, before the media.  He talked about the high possibility of it with me this weekend. He called me tonight before the meeting, so that I would hear it from him and not facebook.  He resigned as a matter of ethics and integrity because many on my hometown's council/administrative board have none.  That is all I will say about that aspect of it at this time.
I cried this weekend because a big part of why he is leaving is because the council is getting rid of a very important program - a program my  grandfather started when he was fire chief of the same town.  I cried because many childhood memories involve the smell of the fire department garage and the Central Station kitchen, stories of crazy ambulance calls over dinner, knowing all the answers at the Fire Safety Week assemblies in grade school.  I know the last names or nicknames of firefighters my grandfather and father worked with probably better than I know the names of all twelve disciples.  Grunt, BirdDog, Irwin, Toy, Strandland, Boden, Ducey, Jewel, Walden, Brown, Smith, ...

I don't know when I'll have a chance to visit the fire station again. And so, in a way, tonight leads to  another good-bye to my belated grandfather. I know he wasn't his son-in-law any more, but I know Papa would have been very proud of my dad tonight.

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