Wednesday, September 14, 2011

three Bubby things

It was a stressful day in the MacHouse. Bubby was ornery.  (Does that word look weird to anyone else?)  He wasn't bad, just toddler with a capital T (which rhymes with P which stands for pool hall...)
Anyhoo - three funny things he did amidst the moments when I wanted to rip out my hair:
  1. When he fell (from doing something he wasn't supposed to do), he said, "Owie. Kiss bottom? Mommy kiss bottom?"  Um, no Bubby.
  2. While running around half naked this morning he once again discovered his chest/nipples.  He called them "mole," to which I idiotically corrected him and said, "No, Bubby. Nipples. Those are nipples."  So what does he do next? Points at the mole on my neck and declare, "Mommy nipple!"  Grrreat.
  3.  Um - I forgot!  Isn't that terrible? In five minutes I forgot the third thing - which I think was the funniest.  That is my day, friends.  I'll post it later if I remember it.


    Shel my two year old has been running around saying "I WANT TO EAT YOUR NEEEPLES!" to all people near and far (because I'm nursing the baby). the other day? He translated this to "EAT MY WEEWEE!"
    needless to say, I am NOT teaching him any more body parts. I'm sticking with "Your body" and "My body" when he points and asks. So what if he thinks an elbow is his knee? It will save me the embarrasment.

  2. Caleb used to call his nipples, "batteries". I guess too him they looked they the + side of a battery. Ha!
    Thanks for the laughs...Andrew and I were laughing out loud. :D

  3. *TO him they looked LIKE the + side*
    Geeze...I need a cup of coffee!


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