Monday, September 12, 2011

tears and MM 823-835

Yesterday I cried for others instead of self.
I cried as I watched the ten-year-old footage of the towers falling.  And as I listened to interview of the children who never knew their parents.
I cried for some friends for completely different reasons - for their losses, their unanswered prayers, their exhaustion, their overwhelming situations.

The tears reminded me that even those who appear to have it all are going through things - situations we may never understand, trials that take their toll.

All of the tears reminded me - I have so much. An abundance really.

piano music on a Thursday morning ~ "Mommy, kiss it!" after every owie ~ night out with a dozen other ladies for fondue and improv ~ chatting with Bugaboo when the others are napping ~ feathery baby-hair waving in the wind when I "toss" him up high ~ "Night, Jesus!" and a kiss on his B-I-B-L-E ~ four excellent kids for an entire MONDAY of baby-sitting ~ Sunday evening in the backyard with my three favorite people ~ pumpkin.spice.latte on the way to nursery duty~ hairbows in little BQ's hair, making me think some day a girl might be nice ~ hairbows falling out mid-afternoon reminding me why I was given two boys :) ~ reading all sorts of alphabet books and requesting apple books - the treasure of an amazing public library system

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  1. Oh wow, the children who never knew their parents are the part of 9/11 that gets me the most. How awful to have that stolen away from you. Love that it helped you appreciate what you have though. Thanks for visiting my blog. :-)


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