Wednesday, September 28, 2011

sweet september

The last few days I've spent adjusting to my little boy having a bed instead of a crib

pushing my baby in a swing at the park

watching my oldest climb playground equipment

with a little help from Daddy

seeing my littlest want to keep up with big brother

and smiling so much like his great-grandfather that I can't help but whisper a hello to the heavens.

We suffer from allergies from our time enjoyed outside, and my coffee table suffers dust and fingerprints as I find better ways to use my time.


  1. JDaniel has outdoor allergies too. The fall is one of the best times for him to be outside.

  2. aww...cute pics...a big boy bed! way to go little man!

  3. He is adorable. My sister's little boy has grass allergies, but she lets him play in it anyway. Little boys have to have a life and get to play outside in the dirt and grass! And making memories is always better than having a clean house. :) (Thanks for stopping by my blog.)

    kateri @

  4. my whole house suffers dust :) i LOVE these photos, sweet amanda. what beautiful boys you have. and i love that you're taking time for what matters. xo

  5. Adorable...well love, I'd say. Seeing it brings me joy.


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