Wednesday, September 7, 2011

some medical stuff

All the kiddos are napping/resting at the same time - rare. Here's some medical updates for Bugaboo's nine month appointment today:

27 3/4 in. long (25th-50th percentile), 19.25 lbs (25th percentile)

The doctor is referring Bugaboo to a pediatric neurologist - our appointment is the beginning of October.  She is concerned about his muscle tone/motor skills and still a little bit concerned about his tracking(vision). I don't have many more details than this - The Hubs took him to his appointment. I would like to talk to Bubby's physical therapist just to see what she thinks about all of this since they referred us to a neurologist before a physical therapist. Keep us in your prayers, if you will.

In good news on the medical front - we are down to just one medical place to pay off.  Thanks to my new job, a refi on our house, help from family members -we paid off the debt we owed the doctors and the labs today.  We just have the hospital left (though we gave them a bigger-than-normal-payment today), and we are hopeful to be medical debt free by the holidays.

Please pray for more clients for The Hubs, for our li'l ol' cars to keep working, and no major catastrophes in our home/family for at least the next two years. It would be nice to rebuild our emergency fund (which became the two-kids-in-a-NICU fund) and save for a much needed new-to-us-vehicle.  All in due time.  We are thankful for all the way God has provided - through the ability for each of us to work in a way that we don't have to pay for childcare, through the generosity of friends and family, for wisdom in budgeting/budget-cutting, etc.

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