Wednesday, September 21, 2011

second verse, same as the first

A quick update while the boys are giving me a moment.

Bugaboo had his First Steps evaluation today and he is going to qualify for services.  He has some of the same needs and issues big brother had at this age, and some different ones.  We meet in about two weeks to discuss the results of the eval and the IEP/goals.  I know the goals will have to do with both gross AND fine motor skills because Bugaboo's score was very low in the physical assessment.  In between now and then we will have the neuro appointment our pediatrician recommended.  Tara, our p.t., gave me some good questions to ask and items to discuss.  I am very thankful for our p.t. because not only is she knowledgeable because of her career choice, but she is a mom to preemies, so she gets the mommy-gut/mommy-factor.

So familiar territories, but each child is different, so it's a little nerve-racking even this time around since fine motor skill and low muscle-tone issues are new to us.  We appreciate your thoughts and prayers, especially for our Oct. 3 neurologist appointment.

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