Thursday, September 1, 2011

photo-shopping aka the day I almost lost my salvation (kidding!)

We are getting family pictures taken on Saturday because we have had Bugaboo around now for almost nine months and even at big gatherings where we all dressed up and spiffy no one takes a picture of just our family of four.  There are always random lovely family members invading invited into our space.

I began thinking the last couple weeks about what we would all wear.  Visions of Gap kids commercials and JCrew ads danced in my head. And then reality hit because my kids own nothing Gap and I (sadly) own nothing JCrew. I wanted to coordinate but not be matchy. I googled, facebooked, and pinterested.

In this process I discovered the drawback to allowing your sons only  a couple of matching shirts is that somehow their wardrobe lacks ANYTHING that coordinates.  If Bubby had a plaid shirt in one color, Bugaboo did not have a solid in it. If Bugaboo had a striped in a scheme, Bubby had nothing in that motif.  And if by some miracle I found something that sort of worked it was too casual or too formal for one of them and not the other. Ugh.

Thus I decided each boy and The Hubs would wear a solid polo shirt non-matching/non-clashing colors. However, my sons own nothing of the sort at their current sizes. So I went to Tarjay. By myself.

Alas, they had nothing "plain" in stock. Everything had a number or a cartoon character or a sarcastic phrase on the front. Agh. I called The Hubs who whispered four lovely words: "Go to the mall."

JCPenney was having a major sale on baby/toddler clothes. Shirts for $2-4.  I thought I found a solution after an hour of searching the disorganized racks. A plain rusty colored collared shirt for Bugaboo and a pretty rad print collared shirt in reddish, gray, white for Bubby with design on the back only. My kids were going to be stylin'. And I found a shirt for moi on the way out the door.

But mall lighting is deceiving.  Bugaboo's shirt looked too close to pink for any little boy to have permanently on film  and Bubby's shirt was too small (though by the sizing tag it should have been too big.) And the shirt was too big up top for me and too small on bottom.
(camera phone picture b/c I'm too lazy to get my camera - they REALLY look pink here)

AGH!  What's a girl to do? Give up on the Gap ad dream???


I decided our family never looks like a Gap ad, so why should our pictures? My kids have a simple life - heck, I think I am the one woman in America who did not decorate a nursery for her babies (I still feel a twinge guilty about that, but I could not justify spending hundreds of dollars on a room for someone who can't appreciate it yet.)  Why am I worrying about something that is supposed to be FUN and REPRESENT my family at  THIS MOMENT in time? (I'm shouting at myself here, not you all.)

So the JCP items will be returned this weekend, and the MacFamily will be wearing items that we would probably wear on any day where we were going to be seen in public.  The only difference is I will be wearing make-up for a change. :)
(Saturday's attire - though The Hubs and I will be wearing jeans, not featured here)


  1. I think that looks good! Green and gray are nice together. A good color pop but nothing too crazy. Will look good with your dark hair too. Have fun. The smiles are the best wardrobe choice anyway.

  2. Loved this post! Your family pics will be wonderful and capture just who you are. Haha, i didn't do much in our nursery either because we're in a rental and it just didn't make sense to me to afix things to the wall that we'd have to take down in a year or so.

  3. yay, i love fam pics!!! and i love how you ended up realizing that your reality is the best version of yourselves. :) i never did a nursery until this 4th b/cs we always co-slept, and i rarely wear make-up as well!!!

  4. I think your choice of clothes looks great! However, I'm not sure we'll be able to view your photos since neither you or Hubby appear to have clothing for the lower half of your bodies - LOL!

  5. Oh goodness gracious, I feel your pain! Normally we just try to look halfway decent, although I'm thankful that with photoshop we can get rid of black eyes. (Yes, our last prayer card photo had to be photoshopped for that very reason.) Since it's been three years since our last family photo, I wanted to take advantage of my SILs wedding. We all looked great, but would my oldest smile? No, she would not. Let me tell you, Mommy just about lost her salvation there....

    I didn't do a nursery for any of my children. They didn't even have cribs. Poor little darlings were rather deprived. :)


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