Sunday, September 18, 2011

Multitude Monday 836-843

I want to keep my babies this size, this age.  Oh sure, I want them to grow and learn and do all of the things they are supposed to do.  There is piece of my heart that swells with pride every time they accomplish a new milestone or do something adorable or funny. But there is also a piece of my heart that breaks when I realize they aren't as tiny as they used to be, that the days are long but the season is short.

So I am thankful for a rainy and recover-from-sickness weekend. We stayed in, we snuggled, we played, we rested.

836. the way Bugaboo's eyes light up when he sees pictures of babies

837. my crazy toddler doing some sort of karate move

838 & 839.teaching my first born to understand numbers; his fascination with all playdoh items

840. homemade soup - two varieties - ready to go in the freezer for later
841. intense love of reading

842. baby hands
843. brothers playing unaware of Mommy getting the camera
joining with Ann to give thanks


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