Friday, September 23, 2011

five minute friday - growing

Joining once again with thegyspymama on this week's five minute topic - growing.
Growth - the result of it is positive, but the process is often painful, whether physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual.  Growing is change and change is hard.
Sometimes growth means you outgrow people, relationships.  You are at a different place than they are, so you part ways, maybe for a season, maybe permanently.
Sometimes growth is actually being stuck exactly where you are for a long period of time. Longer than you anticipated. Longer than you wanted. But when you look at yourself, six years in the same location, same depressing bank account, same, "What next?" questions, you get a glimmer of hope because you see growth.
Sometimes growth is watching your babies change before your very eyes.  Longer legs, chubbier cheeks, new skills, new words, new things to make you laugh, and new things that make you cry.
I tell my boys all of the time, "Stop growing. I want you to stay small." I think every mommy wishes that. But almost concurrently I pray each night, "Lord, grow my boys into men who love You, and grow me to love You so that I can teach them."



  1. I love your prayer at the end and also the concept of growing happening even when you feel stuck in one place.

  2. Amanda,
    I love reading your blog! It is such a blessing that we can be so far apart geographically and yet I still feel I have a bond with you and your boys. It's kind of comical to me that I feel I know you better than I know my cousin!
    I am definitely hoping to be home over the holidays this year so HOEFULLY our time will overlap and I can visit with you!
    Happy weekend!
    Also, for some reason my google account doesn't "have access to this page" or something weird, so this is Natalie, just so you know! :-)


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