Tuesday, September 13, 2011

a few thoughts about MOPS

Last fall I went to MOPS at my church.  Then Bugaboo was born and it was pretty hit/miss.  There were things I liked about the MOPS at my church: a)It was at my church. b)The nursery workers were sweet ladies I knew or knew of who love my babies not only on those mornings, but on Sunday mornings, too. c)I knew some of the gals that went there.  d) The mentor mom has a lot of energy. e) They didn't make me do too many crafts.

Honestly (and no offense to my friends who go there/help there), I didn't feel extremely connected, and I know connection to a group is a two-way street.  But I was going to give it a-go again this year.

Except now I work. I work in my home. My kids are with me when I work. But the work I do doesn't allow me to leave the home during the day.

And guess when almost all MOPS meetings are?  During the day. sigh.

And now more than ever I need to connect with other women, other moms, because I only am around children all day (not counting the times Mike happens to be home during some daytime hours) - but there are no coworkers in my line of work.
No wellness nights.
No rat-on-the-copy-machine-and-velociraptor-sighting-shennanigans. 
 So I need some contact with the 30ish-female-species.

There was one lone MOPS group meeting on Tuesday evenings twice a month. I contacted via email. They got back to me. It is not my church. It is actually a denomination I have never attended before (and being my multi-denominational-self, I have been a part of a few). I know absolutely no one at this church/in this group.  But I got my shy-butt in gear, along with a diaper bag, a toddler and a baby in our limited AC/Car on this stinkin'hot-degree day in midSeptember - and found myself wandering into an unfamiliar church.

I faced one of my biggest fears - dropping my kids off in an unfamiliar nursery. I have yet to do this anywhere except my church. But they had sign-ins and tags and workers wearing matching shirts and mommy-pagers-for-me. And a friendly face walked with me upstairs to our meeting.

The ladies were very nice - welcoming but not overwhelming.  And I got out of my-current-denomination-bubble in which I have started thinking "such and such are Christians, but we have the market on ________ aspect of Christianity."  (I hate that I had those thoughts lately without even really knowing I did.) I was humbled by what I saw in these ladies.

All of this ramble to say - I am pretty sure I will be returning to this group twice a month.


  1. Whit and I made another one that we posted today! I'll upload the photo to FB later! Hehehehe.

  2. So glad you made a connection! It makes all the difference! Way to go out of your comfort zone!


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