Tuesday, September 13, 2011

family pictures

Our disc of family pictures arrived today, which makes me happy. And I ended up going with a plain green shirt (layered over white), and I am very happy I did.  Did I mention I won an incredible deal for our pictures?  Well, I did.  So that makes me even happier. 
I am uploading my pictures to our shutterfly account rather than putting them on here or facebook because our photographer didn't send us watermarked copies, I don't want to post them on here for copyright reasons - though we have the rights to the pictures.)  Anyhoo - if you need the password to our shutterfly account to see the pictures, let me know.


  1. Very exciting!

    We got a GREAT family picture taken by the photographer at my cousin's wedding this summer, and we ordered an 8x10 and it came last week! We love it SO much!

  2. I need the password. Updating my family wall.


    Cousin Michelle


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