Sunday, September 4, 2011

in all circumstances (MM 813-822)

Discontentment and I wrestle a lot.  Whether it is over a perfectionism battle of finding a shirt that meets twenty-seven different criteria or the daily struggle to not let my unmet expectations cause me frustration, discontentment seems to want to trap me at any random moment. And then I beat myself up about it.
I need to give myself the grace to say, "When you know better, you do better."  I am learning, some days struggling, but some days succeeding - finding contentment and giving thanks in all circumstances: weather on Saturday to make me anticipate the fall-ish weather that arrived today

814. Bubby's fierce independence in not smiling for family pictures - this will serve him well in years of peer-pressure, right?

815. three of us sharing a drive-thru meal and the satisfaction at frugality
816. beans and rice for dinner reminding us that there are so many in the world without food, without options
817. unexpected toddler nursery work and a chance to meet someone new-to-me
818. decreased clients this week for The Hubs - an opportunity to pray for more clients and new ways to trust God daily

819. extra moments to snuggle Bugaboo with his stuffy nose

820. learning that while some things drive me nuts, other people enjoy them - so I should be kind and just let it be
821. two shirts to take back to two stores this week because I ended up going with a plain green shirt that I have had for four or five years
822. books scattered on shelves and tubs all over the boys' room, the tv stand, my dresser, my night stand - well-loved clutter

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  1. What precious little ones. I really enjoyed your list...
    Happy Labor Day...
    Visiting from Multitudes on Mondays...

  2. Completely unrelated: Do you have any hoarded decor items at all? Candlesticks, mirror, bookends? Could I keep my eye out for something???? Do you like bright colors? More muted???

  3. I too struggle with discontentment:) Enjoyed reading your list--beautiful children. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Beautiful list. Stopping in from A Holy Experience. Nice to meet you. :0)

    Much Love & Blessings,


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