Sunday, September 25, 2011

dancing in the kitchen

Tonight I figured out my youngest likes to dance.
Bugaboo wasn't fussy, but he wasn't exactly happy either shortly before bedtime.  So I randomly scooped him up and brought him into the kitchen, reciting the words from the book "Fifteen Animals."  Every time I said the word "Bob" (which is in there fourteen times), I would bounce him, and he would laugh this great baby half-giggle-half-laugh.

While I was doing that I realized I haven't danced that much with Bug.  Around the kitchen we danced to any song that popped into my head - "Dancing Cheek to Cheek" to every sweet lullaby-ish Disney song to a couple of hymns to Patsy Cline.  Yes, not only did I dance to "Tis so Sweet to Trust in Jesus," I followed it up with two rounds of "Walkin' After Midnight." I think Jesus approved to the soundtrack.
Dance with your babies.  Drink a good cup of coffee.  Roll the windows down.  And keep dancing with the babies in the kitchen, even when they are eleven and twelve and will protest about their mother being ridiculous.  Stop and enjoy the moment. Every day - find some moment to really capture for the photo album in your heart.

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