Tuesday, September 6, 2011

another installment of "what are the MacBoys up to?"

Tomorrow Bugaboo goes for his nine-month check-up.  The Hubs has to take him because I will be here with Bubby and the Q-kids (my baby-sitting clients).  Insert mommy-guilt here. So some stats on weight and such hopefully tomorrow. But what is Bugaboo doing these days?

  • still not quite sitting up independently for very long
  • taking a great nap almost every morning like clockwork around 9:30 and then a hit/miss one sometime every afternoon when he feels like it
  • starting to babble a little more - the other day while his big brother was napping, the two of us had a great conversation - so sweet
  • liking books - his favorites so far are the ones with pictures of other babies in them
  • diggin' looking at himself in the mirror
  • loves smiling/"chatting" with big brother, he laughs the most with Bubby
  • eating stage 3 fruits, but not doing so well with "solid" foods like puffs and Cheerios
  • moved out of his infant carseat a few weeks ago - sad for mommy's heart, happy for mommy's arms/back

    These days Bubby:
    • loves playing outside "more running" is what he says in the yard thanks to our P.T. Miss Tara 
    • enjoys all art projects he gets to do with Mommy and Lil Miss Q (little girl I babysit)
    • knows all capital letters, about 50% of lowercase, can tell you all the consonant sounds, and the basic short vowel sounds
    • current favorite books: Fox in Socks, Wet Dog, and out of his kids' Bible the stories about "Jesus, boat, rock, disciples, come-on." (There are two boat stories with Jesus and he retells them together - the one where Jesus calms the waves and the one where Peter walks to Jesus, hence the "come-on.")
    • still working on physical therapy skills such as running, jumping, stairs, and climbing on equipment.
    • he can point out every food place/store we have ever been to as we ride around town in a car "Ma-donald's -fries.  Aldis. Coffee. Starbucks. Donut. Chicken. Hot dog. Soda. (those last three indicate Sonic) Store. (dillons) Libree (Library) Church. Mall." He loves to go grocery shopping - it is his new Tuesday afternoon outing with The Hubs now that I am tied to the house during the day.
    • He is using lots of three word phrases now, though if he can get away with it, he sticks to two.
    • funny/sweet things Bubby has said lately (I really need to keep a jar to jot them all down in):
      • "Hi Sweet Boy!" to the "buggie" flying around the kitchen
      • "Hi baby brother." 
      • instead of just saying yes, he says, "Oh Yeah!" with correct intonation
      • "mmm, yum, good, lishus" (delicious)
      • Today I asked him to stop rolling his toy train off the coffee table because it then crashed to the floor.  I told him if he did it again, I would take it.  He did it again (of course with an impish grin), and when I said, "Bring Mommy the train," he looked at me and in all seriousness said, "Bus."  - because it was a toy bus that was crashing off of the table. 
      • oh there is so much more, but I don't remember - agh!  I better write these things down daily somewhere

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      1. Adorable kids! I saw that Bugaboo is starting to babble more. My baby will be 9 months next week and is also starting to make more and more sounds...but he still hasn't started chaining consonants yet (bababa, dadada, etc) and I've been overly anxious about that. Any thoughts? i keep telling myself he is progressing and every kid has their own pace.


      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with me.