Thursday, September 15, 2011

9 month pictures and Bugaboo screening update

Parents as Teachers came and did Bugaboo's early childhood screening today. They were going to do Bubby this month, but I asked to switch and do Bugaboo first with everything going on with our little guy.  They adjusted his "age" to assess what he "should" be according to his premature age (7 and a half months) - and he scored very well in communication, but at risk in all other areas (because even areas such as social and problem solving rely heavily on motor skills at this age level for a "good" score.)  Anyhoo - they would refer us for a First Steps eval, but I had already requested one when our pediatrician referred us to a neurologist. So our P.T. comes next week for Bugaboo's evaluation.  My mommy-gut was right to get the ball rolling on that one it seems.

Bugaboo - nine months old and sweet as can be - wearing his "robber" shirt according to his fifth-cousin-twice-removed, Giggles. :)

getting so big
I love his crazy hair

He really is such a sweet boy - just gotta work on those motor skills - fine and gross with this one. 

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  1. Aw Bugaboo! He's so cute! I'm sure he'll be up to speed soon. Good job following your mom-gut :)


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