Tuesday, August 30, 2011

wrapping it up

How do I wrap up a month of focusing on a full life?  It's not as if I have arrived. Not even close. I still have half a notebook page filled with ideas. Yes, a notebook page because I think best in blue ink and spiral binding.
Therefore you all have not heard the end of my "full life" thoughts, but I can't just write about it. I have to live it. As I do, the stories of this new adventure will undoubtedly end up here, both successes and failures.
But for now, I'll return you to your regularly scheduled program filled with pictures of the two cutest boys on the planet (no bias here), top ten lists, five minute Fridays, imperfect prose entries, and any other thing that pops in my mind that I can't help but display on a computer screen.  I write because I can't imagine NOT writing. It's like eating, sleeping, and breathing to me.

Thanks for joining me, this month, friends.  (And yes, I know August has thirty-one days, and today is only number thirty.)

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  1. I think you have it: we have to live it, not just write it. It's my great challenge. Blogging keeps me honest! :)
    Your kids are so so cute. Maybe your life is already full??? The pictures seem to indicate as much. ;)


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