Friday, August 5, 2011


This afternoon I had my colored pencils and notebook which contains my gratitude list out on the couch.  Bubby eyed these new items - not quite the familiar crayons or markers,  but similar.  He glanced my way with the most beautiful grin, and before I could finish my nod, he began drawing on my notebook.

For a brief moment of hesitation I wanted to keep my notebook free from scribbles, but what better addition to my list of blessings than to have captured on paper this moment of discovery for my two year old - this moment full of wonder.

I want to be full of wonder at sunsets and conversations over coffee, at giggles in the backseat and the way the bills get paid each month. A life full of thanks for the little things becomes a life full of wonder at the little things.


  1. Your priorities are just right! And a similar thing happened to me, too -- my six-year-old drew "art" in my gratitude journal...and then spilled an entire glass of grape juice on it! I had to laugh at the irony!


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