Sunday, August 28, 2011

MM 800-812

I have pictures I want to upload, stories to share, thoughts to discuss, but for now, just my gratitude list.

800. a Sunday school DVD that stirred up a ton of thoughts - seemed to correspond well with what God has been teaching me this month - (I'll blog on it soon.)
801. date night courtesy of "Boppy and Nana" who were in town this weekend
802. a whole lot of ice cream this weekend
803. pastor that didn't shy away from a semi-controversial subject
804. convicting reminder that the Church MUST do it's part if we don't want the government to do what Christians SHOULD be doing (I'll be writing about this sometime this week, too.)
805. extra hours of work for me - good news since The Hubs had a couple clients cancel - continued provision
806. short hair
807. hair dresser who I trust enough to say, "Do whatever you think is best." - That is trust, friends. :)
808. boys who are excellent during Sunday lunch with Boppy and Nana
809. bacon cheeseburger with onion straws - be still my heart
810.The Hubs mopping while I was getting my hair cut
811. playing outside with the kiddos in the morning
812. tentative meal (dinner) planned for M-F for the next four weeks


  1. I like your list!

    So you will have to post a photo for us of your new haircut now, you know that, right? :) And yes, that IS REAL trust in your hairdresser! The few times I've tried that turned out all right. Thank God! lol -- Rachel

  2. I thought at first your #810 said The Hubs moping while I was getting my hair cut - LOL! What a difference one letter can make, huh? Can't wait to hear more about what you have learned at church and in life! Love you!! Mom

  3. Wow, that IS trust (the hair thing)! HA! :) I do the same thing... ;) I really enjoyed your list and I look forward to reading more of your writing!



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