Sunday, August 14, 2011

MM 771-785

Sometimes things turn out differently than you expect. Sometimes you get to be pleasantly surprised. Those moments get you through the days that don't go the way you want. They help you persevere through the less than ideal times.  Because just when you say you don't want to hold out any hope, your hope gets restored just a little bit.
first time at the movies in a long time ~ movie that was pretty close to the book ~The Hubs vacuuming out the backseat of the car which probably had enough Cheerios and goldfish crumbs to make a new box of each ~ actions that speak louder than words ~ the way my baby boy will snuggle back to sleep on some of the mornings he wakes up an hour too early ~ computer/internet that is working a little better today ~ ideas for Bubby ~ pleasant billing people at the hospital ~ playing outside with my babies ~ reflecting on some great college memories thanks to Facebook ~ Bugaboo going to sleep on his own for naps and bedtime like a champ (and without cry-it-out so far!) ~ Fox in Socks becoming Bubby's new favorite ~ anticipating paying off one of our medical bills this week ~ "school" supplies for Bubs ie crayons, markers, paint, construction paper because I have an excuse to once again indulge in a little bit of the August rush


  1. I need to vacuum my car this week. I love a little one that loves to sleep. JDaniel used to and now he fights it.

  2. Sounds like quite the week! Did you perchance see "The Help"? Someone I know saw it and said it followed the book fairly closely. I read the book several months ago and have since anticipated the movie, but I always HATE it when there is a great novel and then the movie just strays from it so much! I still am set to see "The Help" and decide for myself how closely it follows the book! Because the book was great. :)

  3. @Dove of Snow - Yes, I saw The Help - I was worried it would ruin my love for the book, but a friend of mine saw it before I did, and reassured me that it was pretty close.


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