Monday, August 8, 2011

MM 758-770

The full life series will resume again tomorrow.  Joining with Ann's community and giving thanks for the things that add to the fullness in my life.

dinner with friends for the first time since all of our babies were born~ Bubby requesting "Owie, Owie" (aka "Holy, Holy" aka "Revelation Song") ~ Bugaboo laughing in the backseat ~ first "paycheck" in a couple of years ~ acquaintance's mom's tumor downgraded from stage 2 to stage 0 by the power of prayer ~ The Hubs making French toast which Bubby gobbled down ~ a whole lot of tiny fingerprints on coffee table glass ~ seeing how well my little guy gets along with others ~  thunder in the wee hours of the morning ~ finally some rain ~ toothless grins ~ courage


  1. I like the fingerprints on glass one...of course my first thought may be "something else to clean up" but oh my! how we love little hands. Precious little life, sweet boys. Forget clean glass right?

    BTW...reading "One Thousand Gifts" because you talk so highly of it one here. LOVE it so far!

  2. Ohhh Courage. YES! And I'm glad you have fingerprinted glass too. It makes me feel, um, better about mine. HUGS!


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