Friday, August 19, 2011

mercy and grace

I am not a theologian, though every once in awhile I think about going to the seminary we have here in town.  I know people with MDivs and such could tell you the difference between mercy and grace. Here's what I know:

Grace - getting what you don't deserve.
Mercy - not getting what you deserve.

To me they are theological peanut butter and jelly. Yes, they can be separate, but most of the time they go together and are best together.

So what does that look like in a full life?

I think it is seeing the big picture, understanding people's hearts, doing our best to live at peace with everyone. I know that is not always possible. We are human. This is earth. There is justice and accountability and consequences. But a full life has to be filled with these two things - or it will be emptied as it drops the important things in life by trying to hold on to every little thing, things we were never intended to hold on to.
No one can make others change. But I can be ready to extend mercy and grace when the moment arrives by daily acknowledging the grace and mercy I receive and passing it on at each opportunity.

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