Sunday, July 24, 2011

word sprinkles and MM 727 - 743

A weekend with conversations and quiet moments and words from strangers which sprinkled the parched ground of my soul like the rain that fell to the earth on this hot July evening.

The wandering is getting better.  I still don't know where I am going, but I am getting glimpses of
who I am
who I want to be
how I am going to become that person. 
I am humbled and overwhelmed and thankful and inspired by just the little bits of something that keep crashing into me, even though I don't know exactly what it is or what to make of it yet. I know more is coming. I have words, ideas, dreams floating, jumping, pounding, leaping around in my head. Where is this leading? I am not 100% sure.

In this world of brokenness and loss and pain there is still joy and good and hope. For all this and more, I pause and do my best to say Thank You.

727. Farmers' Market
728. summer meals of good, local produce, sweet-tea, and grilled chicken
729. telling the voice of doubt to shut it
730. very probable childcare job
731. diapers on my doorstep twice a month
732. the bluest blueberries ever
733. white sheets hanging up to dry
734. toddler fingers composing music and self-applause
735. learning the process of true change
736. milkshake split three ways
737. husbands publicly bragging on wives within one of my favorite communities
738. sound of crickets and other creatures - outside :)
739. Bugaboo falling asleep as I read to both boys

740. first haircuts but still lovable wild baby hair
741. Anne of Green Gables on a Sunday evening
742. memories of the many friends who have watched Anne with me
743. bosom friends


  1. Anne of Green of my favorites!
    Many more blessing to you:)

    Visiting from Ann's place

  2. I'm another AOGG lover! Emily of New Moon ranks right up there though. I must make time to read on our break!

  3. Your list just made me smile :)
    And the wordles. Yes! Those are the words I pray to grow into too. Spirit-led, loving, patient, hope-ful...
    Reading as little ones fall asleep would definatly be on my list too :)

  4. It's 735 that got me today! Learning the process of true change. Sometimes it's so easy to hear the words, maybe even give them some thought and like the idea of change, but to actually APPLY it to my life, replacing a bad with the good, etc.. . . boy, is that a reality check!!!! I'm an old woman now, and still working on change.
    And your words "little bits of something that keep crashing into me. . ." Isn't that the way it is???? Sometimes a word from a friend, a line in a book, a song, etc. But they do crash. And they leave an effect on us. Thank you for making me aware of that again today.

    And thank you for visiting my blog today. Good to see you there!

  5. What a beautiful list and group of word sprinkles! My youngest sister and I used to watch Anne together. Somehow that doesn't happen anymore now that we both are married. Fresh veggies and grilled chicken are also favorites.

    So glad to meet you! Thanks for commenting on my site today.

  6. So glad to have stopped by and read your sweet list of blessings and grace. I loved when the youngest would drift off during the eveing routine of our 2 oldest. Sweet baby moments!

  7. baby love and summer make for some of life's richest blessings:)

  8. LOVE Anne of Green Gables! Have forever and a day! Always will! And I loved this post!


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