Thursday, July 21, 2011

what a difference a day makes

This is my baby.  Sitting up almost independently for longer periods of time.

This is my toddler.
His new favorite thing is climbing on the coffee table.  It probably doesn't help things that today I used it as a piano bench while we played and sang.

Here's that same sweet boy totally ticked off that we weren't going outside to play today.  Toddlers do not understand "heat advisory."  Plus he thinks when I get out the camera a) I am going to only take pictures of him and not his brother and b) we are going outside because somehow he knows that mommy takes much better pictures outside where the lighting works for her less-than-amateur skills.
But thanks to Shannan's advice, I am now able to get a shower in even if The Hubs is gone for the day.
Oh Big Bird - you are so much better than Elmo's World and Abby's Fairy Flying School.  Please bring back classic Sesame Street with Kermit the Frog as a reporter instead of this new stuff I must endure.

This is my husband. I took this picture of him right before I got on the computer.  (Notice the lovely lighting with my wonderful camera work. Sarah Carter, I am not.)
This sweet man texted me this morning asking if the boys and I wanted to grab lunch during his break. It is amazing how a greasy burger and fries can help improve my mental health.
He is also the one who enabled me to go by myself to the library this evening - not the library drive-up window (which I do love so much at this phase of my life) - but actually thirty minutes to peruse and check out a couple of novels AND one of my favorite movies which will transport me to the "Lake of Shining Waters."

Today was much better than yesterday.

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  1. I miss the old Sesame Street too. JDaniel watches Curious George while I shower.


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