Wednesday, July 27, 2011

what are the MacBoys up to and a sidenote up front

 I have ideas and words and thoughts scribbled in my notebook (yes, I still use pen and paper) - the more I read and jot, the more things pop into my head. The learning process never ceases to amaze me.  I am looking forward to sharing more with you on these thoughts in just a few days.

but for now... the "obligatory" update post.
This post is mainly for the grandparents and the aunties and such - and for me - because I don't keep a baby book on my boys - just this blog and some shutterfly albums that I work on in spurts.

  • Bubby is getting too grown up. The Hubs and I just want to write everything down that he says and does or video it.  Sadly, Bubby always stops his cute antics when the camera gets going.
  • "Boggle-gul-gul" is sounding more like "gobble" (a game Bubs plays with Daddy), "lo-lo" is now more often "oshen" (lotion), and he answers "yeah" or "yes" to questions.
  • He's doing better on the phone with Babu, and he shares pretty lovingly with Bugaboo.
  • He loves giving his baby brother kisses, and is always very concerned that Bugaboo is going to bed soon, too. "Baby nighht-night?"
  • Bubby loves "retelling" his favorite books from memory, often out of nowhere, as well as climbing on the coffee table to play the piano. (I accidentally taught him to do that one day.) On the upside, his climbing has enabled him to climb into his booster seat and buckle it all by himself. Not bad for a kid who still gets P.T. once a month!
  • He's still asking to use the Elmo seat (potty), but only a couple of successes so far.
  • Mr. Smarty-pants is memorizing the order of songs on his favorite cds, especially the Laurie Beckner one from the library. His favorites are the Dinosaurs Marching song, Down, Down, Baby, and I Know a Chicken.  We have lots of fun dancing to them in our house.
  • Poor little guy is begging to go outside daily, but his request often denied due to the heat advisory, his fair skin, and my love of the A/C.
  • Bugaboo is growing by leaps and bounds - just how much I do not know since we don't go back to the doctor till early September. BUT he is almost out of his 6-9 month clothes. The only reason he isn't in the 9-12 month is because I haven't taken the time to get them out of the tote in the garage and go through what we have. It is too sad for me.  I want him to stay little.
  • The Bugster is ALMOST an independent sitter. Some days he can sit longer than others before toppling over.  He takes his tumbles like a champ, though.
  • We are hopeful that this kiddo will get to bypass physical therapy - the signs so far are looking good because able to bear weight on his legs very well for significant time.  I am a little concerned he is not using his arms much/reaching out to get things.  We had the vision concerns earlier, but I am not sure what the deal is with this lack-of thing I have noticed the last few weeks.  Maybe I am just a little paranoid.
  • Bugaboo eats like a champ. He has not found a food he doesn't like yet.  He's still on stage two, but has eaten pretty much everything there is to offer at that level.
  • He likes his binky on carrides, for really cranky moments, and sometimes for falling asleep.  This whole binky-kid-thing is new to me, but we limit it overall.
  • He still has yet to do the "fall asleep on his own" really yet.  Sharing a room with big brother complicates things, and having a mommy who doesn't like "cry it out" also complicates things.
  • Bugaboo had his first "haircut." Daddy trimmed off the really long wild hairs, but as you can see he still has plenty of stinkin' adorable crazy baby hair.


    1. We love Laurie Berkner here too. What a cute haircut!

    2. what a great way to chronicle the kids' growth! re: your comment over at my place about reading - LOVED the the unger games series and the help! and i can see from your post why it's hard to get something finished! my boys are big....

    3. Your little boys are adorable! You must love them to pieces! Great chronicles. :)


    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with me.