Thursday, July 7, 2011

there are days

There are days when both little ones are cranky as not only solo acts, but also overlapping as if passing a baton in a drive-mommy-crazy-relay, and finishing off as a not quite harmonized duet.

Days when the to-do list doesn't get done.

Days when you get caught in a downpour leaving the grocery store with both babies in the cart.
Days when your toddler eats 90% of your leftover fully-loaded sweet potato.

Days when the same toddler somehow completely jams up the laptop your mom loans you because your laptop is on its last leg. (lap - leg - no pun intended)
Days when this toddler cries for twenty minutes because he wants to go for a ride, but you can't take him because the car is already 200 degrees and lacks good air conditioning.

Days when you think the baby AND the toddler may possibly be teething at the same time.
 Days when your husband is in class all day and works all evening.
Days when you actually say aloud (more than once), "Help me, Jesus."


On these same days...
your baby laughs at his big brother passing him a ball.

your toddler is a dancing fool on more than one occasion and you join in.

your husband lets you cry to him for the brief time he is home midday.
you find out your mom and brother are safe despite a crazy deer attacking the car.
you walk by the wood that your grandmother recently sent you from your late grandfather, and you are transported to childhood visits to his "workshop."

you make microwave smores and smile when the chocolate goodness gets everywhere.
your sister-in-law texts out of the blue.
your husband is working late because the clients that cancelled actually rescheduled and showed up.
you end the day feeling tired but blessed and hopeful for tomorrow.

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  1. I love how you ended this on a hight note! I would eat a loaded potato too.


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