Sunday, July 10, 2011

rockin' the baby link up

JDaniel4's Mom told me about this link-up at ThingsICan'tSay

Here are two of my favorite baby pictures of Bubby:
 This one brings me to tears because this was one of his first days in the NICU - our little three pounder holding on to his daddy's hand.  It is a reminder of God's goodness and how far our oldest has come.

And one of my other favorites of Bubby - his coming home picture!  After seven weeks in the NICU, we brought him home as a five pounder - swimming in his newborn jammies and on an apnea monitor.  Look how tiny he was in that infant seat! "later gator" was the outfit we chose for him to make his NICU exit.

Here are my two favorite baby pictures of Bugaboo (who still has many more baby pictures in front of him):
 Just a few days from coming home from the hospital - our "big" five pounder - early, but not quite as early as his brother. LOVE his wild hair - this picture captures it pretty well.

And I know I am biased, but I do think he may be one of the most beautiful babies out there. He's just chillin' at the pool in this photo.  I love him and his long eye-lashes.


  1. That first one is beautiful and heartbreaking. I have a hard time looking at our NICU pictures, they just bring back such intense emotions.
    Your boys are beautiful.

  2. What sweet babies! And 3 pounds? Wow, what a blessing that he was okay!

  3. Oh my! Such teeny tiny sweetness!

    That first picture really exemplifies "blessing" doesn't it?

  4. Perfect tiny packages! I love the "later gator!"

  5. I am weepy looking at the NICU picture. With his hand wrapped around such a big finger I can feel my heart ache.
    So tiny in the car seat but so big compared to where he started.

  6. I love the wild hair picture and the later gator one. They both look so tiny!

  7. Oh my goodness, Bubby was so tiny. Love the later gator on the slippers. Bugaboo had some awesome hair. Reminds me of my youngest daughter.

  8. That is such a blessing. Precious little baby shots!

  9. bubby is an awesome baby. a fighter from the beginning!


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