Monday, July 18, 2011

oh Mr. Zuckerberg

I'm sure Mark Zuckerberg didn't foresee how people like me would be using facebook.
To upload a bazillion baby/toddler pictures for the grandparents. (Did he envision grandparents using facebook? Not only do my parents use it, but my Iowa grandparents use it. )

Today my status discretely announced a major milestone in our house

(drumroll please)

Bubby told me he needed to use his Elmo seat on the toilet to go #2.  "Elmo po-po" was the exact quote. And he did - Bubby, not Elmo.

We aren't really toilet training yet - just going with the flow (no pun intended. well maybe a little.) - but Bubs was rewarded with praise and a treat.
This is the exciting life I lead.  I hope that doesn't sound sarcastic. Life with a toddler and a baby is never dull.
To illustrate this fact, here are Bugaboo's seven month pictures which I am very late on.
 I kiss his cheeks at least three hundred times a day.

In other news, I am 366 months old.  There are no pictures of me on a chair with a bear documenting this milestone.
Maybe tomorrow.


  1. Congrats on the great potty achievement! Facebook is perfect for keeping up with family out of town. I use it for that as well. Your baby is adorable.

  2. this post cracked me UP!
    I look forward to the day when my son says "elmo po po" or anything slightly potty related and actually DOES it.
    In the potty I mean. He has been true to his word in other locations. Boo to that.

  3. lol to your post and to joann's comment!!!
    yeah, i think my 2yo is going to train sooner than my 3.5yo. sigh.

  4. We had no follow-up po-pos today. But at the very end of the night he asked to use Elmo again (poor Elmo - my kid won't call it a potty) and did the other. His aim was a little off and ended up getting someone's foot (not mine, haha). I hope this style of "non-toilet-training-toilet-training" works.


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