Tuesday, July 12, 2011

grilled cheese and doors

Nothing pretty or poetic tonight. Just a cute moment and a plethora of other snippets of our life around here.
Bubby, in the zone halfway between awake and asleep tonight, starts talking in his crib.  I tiptoed to his door (which being a toe-walker, I actually do regularly so this was just exaggerated tiptoeing). I heard him saying, "grilled cheese. grilled cheese? grilllllled cheeese." New word combo for him today.  I should mention that I had a fabulous BLT/grilled cheese with ranch concoction for dinner tonight because it was the coolest thing to make on a hot and humid day like today. Fabulous. I am sad I didn't take a picture. The Hubs did a good job grilling it for me. And roma tomatoes are the best tomatoes. I can't eat the regular ol' garden tomato. I am a tomato snob. And with cheddar. I am a slight cheese snob, too.

And on a serious note -
I am knocking on a figurative door.  I need prayer that the door would slam in my face or that I would have peace to walk through it if it opens. Or that God would open in even better, more obvious door soon would be excellent, too.

Speaking of doors, Bubby is obsessed with the closet doors. Always has been.  And the shoes that are inside. He usually just likes to take them all out and then put (some of) them back.  Today he put on daddy's shoes.

I just happened to have my camera handy because I was taking pictures of Bugaboo in the mirror since out my bazillion pictures of him, I don't have  many mirror ones.

Here's a few more cute pictures of my kids because I am that mom who posts way too many pictures on facebook and Shutterfly and her blog because family doesn't live near us. Not even Me and Chow any more.  We are family-less here. Who wouldn't want to live by these adorable faces? (cough cough guilt trip cough)

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