Wednesday, July 6, 2011

bad dreams and being held

Bubby woke up early from his nap the other day crying.  He was sitting in his crib, tears pouring down his face, chin quivering. He kept crying even when I took him out and held him, changed his diaper, held him some more.  I assume he had a bad dream.  Watching your toddler wake up from a bad dream is much worse than having one yourself.  How do you explain a bad dream to someone who is still learning so much about the real world around him?
This is not in the parenting books I read.
So I held him with his head against my shoulder, singing and praying softly, rubbing my hand over his blond hair as if doing so would somehow remove whatever was upsetting him. And it eventually did.
As I snuggled my son on the couch, long skinny legs and barefeet spawled in his attempt to get comfy, I felt something I get to experience every now and then on this journey called motherhood.  I felt God's emotions - His heart that breaks when mine is breaking, His desire to do what is good for me, the overwhelming love He has for me just because I am His. As I held my little boy for a moment, I also was reminded that I am held.


  1. I love that the One Who holds the universe takes time to hold us too. Thanks for sharing...there's nothing like a mama's embrace after a bad dream :)

  2. I need that reminder that I am held too.

    My youngest woke up from a nightmare(we think) a couple of nights ago. He was huddled under his blankets, dripping with sweat and shaking. It took us about five minutes to figure out what was wrong. Eventually I held him, wrapped in a blanket and prayed for him. Half way through my very short prayer, the shakes stopped and he cuddled in against my chest. In this journey through mommyland, I am so thankful for prayer!

  3. Sometimes I forget, in my scariest moments as a mom, that while I was trying to console and comfort, He was right there consoling and comforting me!

  4. love this!!! it's so true, and my 2yo is in that stage where he's beginning tohave bad dreams. it is so sad. but i love your reminder that he holds us closely and like we do our little ones.
    btw love your new look!

  5. Beautiful... what a wonderful way to look at God's love for us.

  6. oh wow. i know. i know this so well, this wanting to take away the hurt, wanting to hurt whatever caused pain for my child, wanting to save ... and yes, this, the father heart of God. gorgeous post.


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