Tuesday, July 19, 2011

366 months

This is me.  Halfway done with my thirtieth year. I know you all were hoping it would be a picture of me on the oversized chair with a stuffed animal, but this self-portrait from PhotoBooth is as good as it gets.

I had a conversation with The Hubs a week or so ago, about how I wish I had done more in my twenties.  What exactly?  I am not sure. I have degrees. I traveled to a few countries. I moved out to a random place in this country all by myself.  I married a guy I met online who lived halfway around the world when I "met" him.

 I had two babies.  Sounds productive and reproductive and adventurous. But sometimes I think I may not have lived that decade to the fullest. I'm not sure.

Now six months into being three decades old, I am antsy. Maybe it is the phase of life I am in. I don't want a "career" change - I love what I do each day (most days). But I want to be a part of something bigger than myself. I want to make a difference. And I want to be good at everything.

I can't be good at everything.  So I need to simplify and focus on what is best for me. For my family. For my goals.

The sewing machine thing - turned out to not be my thing. I wanted it to be my thing. Very much. Thankfully I have a mama who can sew anything, so I think I will be sending her my to-do list. (And this one, too.)

So what ARE my things?
I had a bullet list, but it didn't seem quite right.  My "things" aren't a check off list, but rather concentric rings of who I am/want to be.

Stay tuned...the wandering is going to get even better around here.


  1. Proud of you for who you are and who you don't pretend to be. You are AMAZING!

    Cousin Michelle

  2. Hmmm....I will have to stay tuned. I am intrigued. (and I do think you should have taken your picture in the Bear Chair).


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