Wednesday, June 29, 2011

what are the MacBoys up to?

The "regular" update post for the grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins

  • Talking a lot - learning new words and phrases every day - first real three word phrase "knock it down!" in reference to his block tower built with The Hubs - yesterday he learned garbage truck (Bubby, not The Hubs, haha) so today he said garbage truck about a bazillion times. pretty stinkin' cute.
  • He has known his shapes for a while now from his shape sorters and puzzles, but now he is pointing shapes out in every day objects.
  • Colors - okay this mama is proud because the Parents As Teachers lady told us colors aren't until three, but he knows them AND in a variety of contexts. He especially likes naming all the colors of cars in the church parking lot. On Wednesday nights. When I am carting him and Bugaboo in his massively heavy carrier and the diaper bag built for two all by my lonesome.  But I'm still proud. The kid knows gray! What two- year old knows gray?
  • Climbing on everything. He still doesn't run or jump (we are working on that for physical therapy goals) but the kid is Spider-Man. His favorite adventure is climbing on the chair to the kitchen table in three seconds flat, standing and clapping and smiling until I come get him and put him on the naughty rug b/c he has been warned.
  • Speaking of the naughty rug... there are days when he pushes every boundary and days when he is still my perfect little angel. Most days are somewhere in-between.
  • Dancing fool - the kid loves music.  We learned while at the mall with Auntie Me that he loves some good pop music and rap.  He danced all through Old Navy without a care in the world until he tried to escape us and was sadly returned to the stroller.
  • Continuing to have his ups-and-downs with bathtime. There's never any rhyme or reason for the nights he screams and cries.
  • Practicing sitting up - he can sit independently for a few seconds, but he leans over quite a bit and then falls.
  • This little guy wants to crawl desperately.  He is already "inch-worm" crawling on the ground.  It often is in an attempt to get to what big brother is doing.
  • Eating baby food like a champ. So far we have not found a food he doesn't like.
  • When he is fussy he is realllllly fussy. It usually means he is tired or hungry. He doesn't fuss for no reason any more (I don't think).
  • When he isn't fussy he is extremely laid back.
  • Wakes up each morning happy - with smiles, giggles, and coos.


  1. LOVE YOUR BLOG BACKGROUND! One of my favorite patterns.

    Your darlings are DARLING. I'm so glad I got to see them in person!

  2. Thanks! I would like to do this pattern on a single wall or something in my house... someday...


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