Tuesday, June 14, 2011

top ten reasons I should conquer my fear of the sewing machine

top ten reasons I should conquer my fear of the sewing machine:
1. I received it as a Christmas gift the year I was pregnant with Bubby - and project numero uno is still half done. I think I should finish it. (a super cute apron, by the way)
2. I DID earn an A in "life skills" (aka home ec.) in middle school for such meaningful sewing projects as the fluffy football and the locker organizer.
3. Every woman I know on my mom's side can sew. And my aunt and cousin and cousin-in-law on my dad's side can, too.
4. My mom and my great-grandma both can make beautiful quilts BY HAND (as in not using a machine) - I can barely sew a button.
5. I would like to do some of these projects. And this.  And more.
6. I have my master's degree.  The state of Missouri has given me a certificate saying I could run an entire school building. Surely a user's manual is easier than an action research project, right?
7. I may secretly want to be Martha Stewart - without the whole prison scandal and reputation for being evil.
8. My house needs some curtains and I could use some summer dresses/skirts.
9. To check something else off my list.
10. So I can stop daydreaming about what I COULD do and actually DO it. :)
Top Ten {Tuesday}


  1. This was the best list EVER!

  2. I like these! I should learn too, because I'm short and have a hard time finding jeans that fit right, I usually have to get them hemmed. My dog also has a unique size between medium and large and with clothes being so expensive these days, it would be cheaper to make your own anyways!


  3. ha! love this list! you should definitely brave it. i bet your curtains will be amazing...

  4. I agree with and LOVE this list! Sewing is something I also aspire to do, along with knitting/crocheting. I haven't even started my first project... it's still in the box. I hope you succeed! Best wishes! And thanks for stopping by Jenny's Blessed Nest =)

  5. Great list! I actually want to learn how to use my sewing machine as well. I got it this past Christmas and have only made a couple square dog toys on it. Ha.

    Stopping over from oh Amanda.

    ~SoxyLady aka Sarah

  6. You know I like this! Good Luck!

  7. Great list! I inherited a sewing machine. I do not sew currently so my best friend is slowly teaching me. It's a great way to mend and darn socks! :)


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