Tuesday, June 21, 2011

top ten bloggers with whom I'd like to have coffee

This morning on facebook a friend asked how I find the blogs I read - mainly through sggestions of other people on their blogs and through blog link-ups Some of my bloggy friends I know in real life - as in I knew them pre-blog-days. Over the last few months there are some blogs I love to read because they are funny and real and sarcastic and sincere and make me cry and make me snort and make me think, "I would love to hang out with this chica in real life."  In no particular order, here's some of the ladies I'd love to grab coffee with from blog land.
1.  Ann  - I loved her blog before I read her book, but after reading One Thousand Gifts I loved her even more. She challenges me to have a more thankful heart.
2. Emily W - An artist on canvas and with her words - her imperfect prose Thursday link-ups are a highlight of my week.
3. JoAnn - The first time I read her blog I think it was about her son in physical therapy - which my son was just beginning. She is now the mama of three little boys and she writes with humor and sincerity - I feel I can learn a lot from her.
4. Shannan - I don't remember how I stumbled upon this blog, but I am so glad I did.  She makes me laugh and cry, and when she writes about her "claws" I always smile because I have "freakishly long fingers and toes."
5. Be A Good Mom- I have been in the same place with this chica a few times (sad that it has just been a few), but I  have gotten to know her so much better through her blog. She always keeps it real which is refreshing in this world of phoniness. She often posts great ideas of things to bake, make and try, and her love of Bon Jovi and Kid Rock make me smile.  I wish I lived near by so we could hang out.
6. Danavee - I worked with this gal for three years, but once again, she is someone I have gotten to know much better in the blogworld.  Someday when I am rich, I am going to hire her to decorate my house.  Everything I see on her blog I think, "How did she think to put that together? That looks ah-maz-ing."  Her stories of her adventures in and out of the classroom also crack me up.
7. Missy - The title of her blog says it all. "It's Almost Naptime." I found her via someone posting a link on facebook.  She has a heart for adoption and family, and I have found myself spewing a beverage out of my nose when I have read some of her stories - especially her stories of falling in love/  engagement.
8. Kristi - I have had coffee with her. :) A true friend in every sense of the word.  My "NICU mentor."  We occasionally get together outside of the church nursery when all four of our boys allow us to do so.  She doesn't write often (she has two and a half year old twins), but when she does it is powerful.  God has done and is doing incredible things in their family.  Don't believe in miracles? Read their story and you will change your mind.
9. Manda - She took a break from blogging for awhile, but is back now.  I think each of her entries could be published into a devotional book.  A very excellent and much needed devotional book.
10. Emily F - She used to do a Tuesdays Unwrapped that I started linking up with. She also did a fabulous month of blogging on grace (I need to reread those posts).  I can't wait to read her book!

Top Ten {Tuesday}


  1. AMANDA! WHOA! Not only am I thrilled and honored to make this list, but I'm super emotional about it. I completely teared up when I read it. I admire you SO MUCH, so this means the world to me. I will have to hug your neck when I see you on Monday!

  2. I love finding great blogs to read and truly liking the person writing the posts :).

  3. Blog hopped here randomly, and so glad I did! Your boys are precious. I had two under two for a few months and hoooo, was it an adventure. It was like magic when my eldest turned two and really started talking! Anyway, cute kids! I loved your post a few down about getting to spend quality time talking with your hubby. Those moments are few and far between when you have small children, but so needed! Quality time is one of my love languages, too. ;) Blessings to you and yours!

  4. wow, thank you. I would LOVE to have coffee with you too. Especially if there are muffins...or scones...:O)

  5. What a fun topic! We have one in common; I'll have to check out the others!

  6. awww! Thanks for including me! I think its funny that we correspond so much thru our blogs. And I agree that its a shame that when we are together, there is always so much chaos and holiday stuff going on that we never get to talk!


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