Wednesday, June 8, 2011

some thoughts on beauty

At a stoplight tonight
I started attempting to throw on some make-up
while some of my hair above my left ear was waving
as if it was the Queen of England or in a homecoming parade

"what's the point?"
I said aloud to nobody except my babies in the backseat
but despair was surprisingly absent from my voice

for if I can't go to church with my blemishes
and my Bert-and-Ernie brows
where can I go with them?

so I went in without giving mascara another thought
and for once
I did not compare myself to any other woman
I realized after the fact

being comfortable for a change
just the way I am

that is a beautiful gift


  1. Sometimes I think one of the greatest kindnesses we can offer to our brothers and sisters in Christ is to let them see our messed up places. Relieves them of the pressure of having to appear perfect. And, if any of us truly have it all together, we wouldn't really need Jesus, would we?

  2. WOW. i wish this for every woman... true freedom. beautiful, friend. beautiful.

  3. Oooo, I LOVE this! Your humor is fantastic, and the deep wisdom of your words is so valuable! I'm so glad you shared this with Imperfect Prose! And I'm glad you were able to have the experience of being comfortable in your own skin, shining in your own beauty.

  4. Feeling beautiful in our own skin is freedom divine... why do we struggle so much with beauty? I'm so thankful you saw the gift between stoplights and mascara.


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