Tuesday, June 7, 2011

six months of Bugaboo (& 6 mo/2 yr stats)

I know every mommy probably says this as they watch their child(ren) grow, BUT I cannot believe my baby is six months old.

Wasn't I just walking the halls (six weeks early) knowing that Bugaboo was going to arrive that day?

 Today Bubby was eating a graham cracker at the kitchen table and dramatically wiping the crumbs into the crack in the table (joy joy), and Bugaboo thought it was hilarious.  (Bugaboo already thinks his big brother is awesome.) I wanted to grab the video camera, but since he was seated on my lap I figured that would probably ruin the moment.  Each day I find myself trying to remember the smiles, the events, the milestones of the day - wishing I had a camera crew in my house - not to exploit my kids on a reality tv show - but to document all of the ordinary moments that go by much too quickly.
Slow down, boys.  The rough patches with two two-and-under are exhausting, but the rest of the minutes/hours/days are precious.  Sloooowwww down and stay a baby and a toddler for as long as possible.

Update on stats
The boys had their 2 yr and 6 mo appointments today. My NICU grads took their shots and blood work like champs, especially Bubby. :) Bugaboo is 16lbs 2oz (10-25 percentile) 24.5 in (less than 5th percentile). Bubby is 25lbs 4oz(10-25 percentile) 34.5 in. (50th percentile).

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