Tuesday, June 28, 2011

one more reason why I love Alicia Chole

I jot down quotes. I always have - probably since about age nine or ten.  Quotes and baby names with their meanings are things I love to "collect."  I found out that is because one of my top five strengths (actually THE top one) is "input."
This afternoon during my quiet time I was looking through my journal and found this quote I jotted down a couple of months ago.
At this season of life - mommy of two small boys,  I need to remember, "Instead of being praised for completed projects, we are given countless occasions to make peace with the incomplete." Alicia Chole, pg. 53 Intimate Conversations
making peace with:
  • the never ending laundry
  • the ideas on pinterest I can't get to yet
  • phone tag with friends
  • unwritten emails, cards, letters
  • the items I always forget on the shopping list
  • the nagging end of the day question, "What did I do today?"

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