Monday, June 6, 2011

MM 651-667

The baby is napping in our bed, the toddler still asleep in his crib - one or both of them will be up soon- hopefully well-rested and happier than they were this morning - but right now I am enjoying the soft music wandering from Bubby's room into the living room, the hum of the house, the breeze from the fan, the click of the keys.

651. playing outside with my boys
652. purple, yellow, and pink flowers The Hubs planted
653. dirt on little hands and feet and faces
654. boys' bookshelf filled with pages
655. finding even more ways to cut costs
656. generosity of those helping with our medical bills - a check arriving that covers this month's payment - a
reminder of how God provides and how He uses people to bless
657. Bugaboo waking up with coos and laughter
658. The Hubs pulling Bubby in the wagon
659. kiddie pool blown up and filled
660. Mother's Day gift used - an hour of quiet that resulted in pretty toes
661. free coffee
662. conversations on connecting
663 insight
664. forgiveness
665. blackberries and vanilla ice cream - - - and the childhood memories it brings
666. powerful Sunday morning
667. a friend offering to loan us a crib


  1. this list is full of awesome! Big (656) and small (665) alike. I loved it.

  2. Reading about blackberries and vanilla ice cream brings tears to my eyes!


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