Friday, June 17, 2011

five minute friday - "home"

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This week's topic is "home."
The couch where Penny chewed a cushion, the bathroom cabinet scratches a reminder of our beloved Ebby. The first and only place we have ever owned. Never enough storage space. No hall closet and a one car garage. Quiet neighbors with polite kids to the south, noisy neighbors with unruly kids and unruly gargabr to the northeast.  A great privacy-fenced backyard for my boys to play in, which is an unbelievable asset in this neighborhood.  I get frustrated with our location on a regular basis. I want more yet I want less.  But this is home.
The only home my babies have known.  Memories fill the modest rooms, tears, laughter, yelling, silence.  All this is home, but all of this is not home either.  Someday I will be welcomed home.


  1. We have stRted to out grow our house. My husband had it built when he was single. It is home, but I hope we can eventually move.

  2. I think we all feel that same way:)

  3. Thank you for stopping by my blog! I know just how you feel about eventually bing home- my house was my husbands that he purchased before he married me. It will eventually feel more like home...someday :-)

  4. what pure insight! very lovely

  5. yes. this is home. oh friend, hugging you tight from far away, this father's day... may you know how loved you are. xo

  6. I really like this description of your home, the details make it sing. And it seems cozy to me, homey. Very nicely done!


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